Embers of War BTS - Minion Modeling - Surger

Modeling Process of the Surger Minion for Embers of War. Be sure to check out our channel for additional videos and updates! 

Embers of War - Story Driven Tower Defense at E3 2016

Creative director for Embers of War talks with NGN about the development process for making this unique story-driven tower defense game.

Embers of War - 3D Printed Cosplay for PAX 2016

I'm Bindi Smalls, a cosplayer and armor/prop maker in the US! I use my 3D printers to make 99% of my props and armor. I've been cosplaying for about 3.5 years, and have been 3D printing for 3 years. I've loved every moment of it!

PAX East 2016: Dark Rift's Embers of War Teaser

Dark Rift opened up PAX East with the world premiere of their highly anticipated new game, Embers of War. Watch the exclusive footage then learn how a community of gamers brought this dream to life on Lenovo Game State.

PAX East 2016: Funhaus VS Achievement Hunter | The Showdown

Recorded LIVE from PAX East. Watch as two of the biggest names in gaming, Rooster Teeth's own Funhaus and Achievement Hunter, battle it out in Dark Rift's highly anticipated game, Embers of War: http://lnv.gy/1InzQAI

Mission 3: YouTubers Have Fun with Weapons

Gaming YouTubers showcase their weapon designs for Mission 3 and make their case to have them featured in Dark Rift's tower defense game. Which one is your favorite?

Mission 3 Launch - Laser Tag Edition

Take on Mission 3: Live or Die in Game State and submit your best weapon artwork for a chance to have it featured inside 2016's most powerful indie game.

Mission 2 Wrap-Up with Michele Morrow & Dark Rift

Mission 2 is complete, so let's recap! Geek and Sundry host Michele Morrow and the Dark Rift dev team discuss your comments for Mission 2, and spotlight user-submitted fan art on http://lnv.gy/200Jded. Special thanks to Pendra, LarsHolte, LukeGarvey and all of the Game Staters for the amazing comments and artwork you've submitted!

Mission 2 Launch with Funhaus & Dark Rift

The Funhaus team is back with Dark Rift to launch Mission 2 in #GameState!

Mission 1 Wrap-Up with Michele Morrow & Dark Rift

Geek and Sundry host Michele Morrow is BACK with the Dark Rift dev team to discuss your comments for Mission 1, and spotlight user-submitted fan art on http://lnv.gy/1InzQAI. Special thanks to Luke Garvey, Draken707, xxLuc1ferxx and all of the Game Staters for the amazing comments and artwork you've submitted!

Dark Rift Meets Michele Morrow

Sneak peek...spoiler...however you wanna put it, IT'S FINALLY HERE. Go behind-the-scenes with gamer fanatic Michele Morrow as she explores Dark Rift's 3-D tower defense indie game. Check out raw terrain, gameplay & character concept art to find out which real-life beast inspired the game's most menacing game unit: the Leviathan.

Dark Rift Meets Funhaus

The meeting of the gaming gladiators is here! Indie game company Dark Rift and pro game critics Funhaus discuss the unique opportunity gamers have to give their feedback on a game while it's being built. Influence the ultimate 3-D tower defense game and join us in #GameState!

Meet the Team: Dark Rift

Lenovo Gaming and a team of ex-Blizzard veterans, Dark Rift, have partnered up with gaming gladiators FunHaus, Rooster Teeth, Geek & Sundry and Machinima to bring you the ultimate game development experience in Game State. The game is in the state of development. You have the power to influence how it evolves.