What is the state of gaming? This is a question that’s pretty tough to ponder considering how rapidly video games are spreading into people’s everyday lives. Lenovo wants to do their part in increasing the growth of our beloved medium with a new video game initiative they have called Game State. Teaming up with the development studio Dark Rift, Lenovo is on a mission to make the ultimate indie tower defense game, and they want you to be a part of it.

Lenovo and Dark Rift are asking for your input on any and all aspects of the game in the works. Sharing pointless opinions has a tendency to inspire digs and shade, but at the Game State Headquarters, all thoughts will be welcome. The initiative hopes to bring gamers together through the spirit of creativity, and the love of video games. So leave all of your fussing at the door, because the Game State Headquarters was built to be the home of a specific group of people: unbelievably cool kids.

Think you got what it takes to make the game? Head on over to their website and put on your best game development hat. And keep in mind: you may take home some cool Lenovo swag or even get your creations put into the final product.