• Developer - Dark Rift Entertainment
  • Release Date - Early Access - October 31, 2017
  • Platform - PC
  • Availability - A digital download of the game will be available through Steam.
  • Price - TBA
  • Rating - TBD
  • Press Contact
    • Snecole@darkrift.com
    • info@darkrift.com
  • Engine - Unreal Engine 4
  • Languages - English




Embers of War is different from other top-down isometric, tower defense games because it lets you swap between Hero action and tower defense.. You'll invest time and resources into your tower’s development, making them more destructive, and at the same time use your Hero's abilities to give you a tactical advantage.

There are different games found inside of Embers of War, while primarily a tower defense game, you will also see Real-Time Strategy, Visceral Action and Turn-Based Tactic elements mixed throughout. 

Use the world map to move your Hero, while using the information on the map to decide if the Hero should try to occupy a new territory or use Supplies to reinforce areas that are already under your control.

Will you pick Gwen for her damage, attitude, grenade launcher, and jet pack?

If not, will Gavin support you on the battlefield with his energy blasts and fantastic beard?

The main gameplay or the tower defense gameplay is divided into two main phases -- Build and Attack. Build Phase consists of building and upgrading towers instantly. 

During the Attack phase, enemies will spawn throughout the entire phase in larger and larger waves and towers will take time to build and upgrade.

You may have to use designated tower nodes, but that will be the least of your worries when trying to balance everything else!




Customizable Play-Style

You get to create your own play-style within Embers of War. You can take a more action based approach, relying on Gwen to hack and slash your way to victory or a more tactical approach with Gavin, and picking an ideal combination of towers.

  • Use the Hero that suits your play-style
  • Use Turret and Core combinations that let you control the battlefield

You can find some tricks for each tower in our #TowerThursday posts found on our social media and developer blog, and downloadable press kit. 


World Map Gameplay


Your World Map will be an essential tool in Embers of War

Use the world map to move your Hero, while using the information on the map to decide if the Hero should try to occupy a new territory or use supplies to reinforce areas that are already under your control. You will need to keep track of what is happening around the world and make strategic choices on what to conquer or defend next!

  • Defend Territories

  • Upgrade Defenses

  • Acquire NEW Territories
  • Defeat Kro

Heroes with Personality


Unique Enemies

You'll encounter a wide range of enemies in Embers of War. They won't just stand there and be pummeled by your towers, instead they all have unique abilities you'll need to watch out for!

  • Some enemies may attack towers
  • Some enemies may attack your Hero
  • Enemies may explode or take a sneakier approach to get what they want

You can find some tips for each minion on our #MinionMonday posts found on our social media, developer blog, and in the downloadable press kit. 


Controller Support

When we approached adding support for controllers we treated it like it was its own game, making sure that it felt natural to use a controller and not just tracked on and clunky. We want players who are use to a controller to be able to pick one up and instinctively dive right into Embers of War. Controller support will not be available on Early Access launch but will be added in before the end of the year.



Dark Rift Entertainment


An independent video game developer, founded on September 1, 2014, by Kevin Cooper, Nigel Nikitovich, and Mike Reardon, and headquartered in Irvine, California. 

In October 2015, Lenovo invited Dark Rift to participate in a new program called Game State. Dark Rift saw this as an amazing opportunity to tackle the PC and game console market with their newest game Embers of War.

Embers would be Lenovo's first Game State project to create a crowd sourced, 3D, action-packed, top-down, tower defense strategy game set in a robust Sci-Fi Fantasy universe.

Game State was broken down into four "Missions" that were to last about a month and highlighted the development of a certain aspect of the game. The community would give input, on every aspect of the game, as development progressed over a four month period.

Lenovo held art contests, and during that time the community would vote, and the winning items would be added into the game. Dark Rift would go on to crowd source multiple assets from Lenovo's Game State community for implementation into Embers of War

In September 2016, Dark Rift was nominated as a finalist for Tech in Motion's Timmy Awards for Best Tech Work Culture in Orange County.


Official Trailers



Key Art


Game State Winner


Game State Skins






 Full Press Kit Download

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