What is Embers of War?

Embers of War is a 3D, action-packed, tower defense, strategy game developed by the Indie studio Dark Rift Entertainment. The game uses customizable and upgradable towers to defeat hordes of enemy creatures. Since its debut at PAX, the game has gone through a few directional changes due to time restrictions, but plan to have the game fully released by the end of 2018.

What enemies can I expect to see?

One race of enemies will release with Early Access in October with plans for more soon after. You can see more in the news and updates section on our Steam Page.

Who are the Heroes?

There is currently one hero, Gwen, the Grand Marshal but Gavin, the Originator will be in before Christmas 2018.

What is the lore behind Embers of War?

The Emberstone's insane power corrupted and mutated the Erudians, Kendar, and Sha'kar. Once they realized the stone was beginning to run out of energy they started turning on each other and created an all out war. 

What is this art style?

The art from the game is heavily influenced by Overwatch, Darksiders II, and Dungeon Defender.

When will the game be released?

We are currently in Early Access and plan to stay that way for approximately a year but our Development Timeline is available on our Steam Page

What platforms will the game be on?

The game will initially release on Steam Early Access, and we have extended plans to have the game ported to Linux, Xbox, and Playstation by the end of 2018.

Who is Dark Rift?

Dark Rift Entertainment is an indie game company located in Southern California. Founded September 1, 2014, the team currently consists of talent from around the industry including companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Red 5 Studios, Carbine, and Fireforge. You can read more indepth about us and Embers of War on our Press Page.

Didn't you guys do Lenovo Game State?

Yes. We participated in Lenovo's first Game State project. You can find more information on our Lenovo Legacy page. 



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