Pax Dev tickets are still available!

The two days before PAX Prime are, for the second year, being used for PAX Dev! Panel submissions are still open if you have and idea, ranging from a large workshop, roundtable or lecture, with the only requirement being that you teach valuable information and techniques to the developer community. 


"PAX Dev is about elevating the art and creating a place to share, debate and learn. With no press access, developers can speak freely and focus entirely on their trade in a safe and comfortable environment."

If you're an Indie developer, and still wondering why you should attend PAX Dev, and you have a thirst for knowledge, need for networking, or have and idea for a discussion you'd like to discuss with like-minded peers... What are you waiting for? 

Some of the currently confirmed speakers for PAX Dev include:

PAX Dev 2017 will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday in Seattle, Washington which will be better for people who plan to attend PAX West this year. Will you be attending?

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