Epic Games-Approved Udemy class on sale $10!

Epic Games has approved a full course on how to develop your game in Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine Evangelist and Director of Pub Games, Christoper Murphy, will be your instructor in this course. Currently, there are over 11,000 students already signed up for a total of 16 hours of course work available. Once you purchase the course through Udemy you will have lifetime access to it and its updated information from Epic Games

This course is designed for a beginner who wants to make their own games using UE4 and is suppose to give you a working knowledge of the engine as a whole. All you need is basic computer knowledge to start this course. It's broken down into 3 major sections with smaller sections of each like "Toolset Overview and using the Geometry Tools, Static Meshes, Materials, and Creating a Basic Room."

Currently, the class is on sale for $10 instead of the "normal" $199, but it is unclear how long the sale will last. You do get rewarded with a certificate of completion to add to your resume or LinkedIn accounts so that could definitely be helpful for any aspiring indie developers out there. 

What do you think of the course? Will you be signing up?