What is Embers of War?

Embers of War is a tower defense game set in a sci-fi universe. Embers of War isn't the type of tower defense game than you're used to. The player is able to customize and upgrade towers with 2 different unlock able components, Turrets and Cores, that give you hundreds of combinations for your Towers.

You'll have access to one of two heroes, Gwen, the Grand Marshal or Gavin, the Originator, and using these heroes to help defend your towers. Your hero will have a customizable talent tree, for each game. As you progress through the game you will unlock extra Turret and Core types that may help you a little better in certain situations.  

Game play is divided into two main phases -- Building and Attacking. Build Phase consists of building and upgrading towers instantly. At the start of the phase, any existing towers are fully reloaded and healed to full. Any uncollected shards left in the world are automatically added to the player's wallet. 

Attack Phase is obviously what it sounds like and enemies will start spawning. During this phase towers will take time to build and upgrade. Enemies will start spawning at the start of this phase and will continue throughout the attack phase in waves. Successfully defeat all of the enemy waves to win!


A Tower's Turret will determine how it fires, appearance, how it targets enemies, passives, and Core/Prism options. Basic attributes such as health, damage, fire rate, range, and splash damage are defined by which Turret you choose. 

  • Aura
    • Does not do damage
  • Beam
    • Focuses a laser beam of your core's damage type on an enemy
  • Cannon
    • Fires a ball of your core's damage type 
  • Gun
    • Fires small bullets of your core's damage type quickly
  • Pulse
    • Pulses a ring of damage based on your core's damage type
  • Rail
    • Fires a piercing projectile made of your core's damage type
  • Rocket
    • Fires a large rocket of your core's damage type towards distant targets
  • Thrower
    • Sprays your core's damage type in a small cone in front of the tower


A Tower's Core, or ammo type, will determine its damage type, secondary effects, crit, passives, and color tint or visual effects. 

  • Thermal
    • Ticking damage every 0.5 seconds
  • Cryo
    • Slows enemies
  • Caustic
    • Lowers Resistances
  • Radioactive
    • Possible Death Timer
  • Fusion
    • Does a percentage of damage or percentage of health
  • Explosive
    • Knocks enemies away
  • Sonic
    • Reduces effected enemies mana pool
  • Psionic
    • Has a chance to sleep your enemy
  • Viral
    • Makes enemies vulnerable
  • Electric
    • Can chain damage to multiple targets within a certain area
  • Hydro
    • Large splash area of damage
  • Gravity
    • Immobilizes an enemy for a short period of time
  • Prismatic
    • Reduces enemies accuracy
  • Temporal
    • Enemies disappear and are intangible until reappearing


**All information is subject to change during the development process.